The Woman's Cave

If men can have a "man cave" then by all means, women should be able to have a "woman cave". It would be a great place where all women can have all of their favorite things. She can have a nice book shelf that holds all of her favorite books. She can also place all of her favorite scented candles in her woman cave or her favorite melting pot to heat all of the scented tarts that will make her women cave smell so much better than any man cave.

She can even have her favorite personalized signs hanging on the wall. She can hang wooden signs that express all of the things a woman needs to express, such as not to bother her right now, she's in the middle of a great romance novel. She might also like to have a sign that says not to bother her she is stressed out and just want to be left alone.

Three of the Best-Dressed Women of the World

The International Best Dressed List is considered as the highest honor for all those who are into men's and women's fashion. This citation was founded by American fashion public relations great Eleanor Lambert in 1940. Since then, male and female style icons from various cultures and professions have been inducted into the list. They have all displayed impeccable elegance in not just their outfits, but in their overall appeal every time they appear in public.

Some of the women in this list contributed distinctive styles that have become classics. Among these inductees are Jackie Kennedy-Onassis, Josie Natori, and Audrey Hepburn.

Jackie Kennedy-Onassis, now often called in the media as Jackie O, became an instant fashion symbol as soon as her late husband, John F. Kennedy, became president of the United States of America. 

I'm No Size Zero

Every day I walk into the bathroom I see girls checking their hair, doing their makeup, and sometimes even complaining about how they look. Girls are very critical when it comes to appearance and feel that they need to be skinny have perfect hair, spotless skin, and a great wardrobe. Everything needs to be perfect. Why should this matter? It really shouldn't but society has made such a big deal about beauty, being skinny, having clear skin, perfect teeth and so on. We are constantly looking in the mirror making sure everything looks perfect. Today, girls are so self-conscious about what people think or say about them, and it's becoming so bad it often causes self harm and self-hatred. Self-image is the talk of the town and everyone is worried about it.

Self esteem and body image issues are very apparent in high schools and elementary schools everywhere. Approximately seven million girls and woman struggle with eating disorders. 

A Stranger Within You!

It was during one of my antenatal visits to my doctor, that I realized that the constant nudges, kicks and the overwhelming presence of a living being I kept feeling, actually belonged to a stranger. A nameless, faceless stranger who is dearer to me than any other thing in this whole, big world. I'm surrounded with people all around, but only I am aware of its presence!

As a romantic and sensitive girl, I am used to loving people and things that have appealed to my sensory perceptions and creative and intelligent aspect. And even after questioning myself repeatedly over and over again, I couldn't explain my overwhelming love, and unquestionable feeling and passion for something that is as abstract to me as far as the meaning of the word goes!

May be that's what being a mother means! Each one of us must at some point of time, have heard from our mothers, "you will understand this, when you will be a mother yourself."