Breastfeeding With Large Boobs

Is it a myth or fact that it is harder to breast feed when you have bigger boobs? Personally I feel it is a myth, the main thing is to make sure your baby is positioned correctly which allows them to feed and is also suitable way for you. I think having bigger boobs just means you have to use a different technique to a woman with smaller boobs. I fall into the DD+ category, I have just finished breastfeeding with my one year old girl.

Initially I encouraged my baby to latch onto me herself; this was fine to start with. However I found once my milk started to come in that it would take me ages to feed my baby as she would mess about with my nipples and fling her arms around everywhere making it virtually impossible to feed her. Fortunately I had a very good midwife come to visit me so I mentioned the problem I was having. 

Matching Bags With Lifestyle: What To Buy Your Loved One

Bags are to women as furs are to dogs. Although they may not be required to maintain existence, they are necessities in their own right as they make life more convenient. But as an oblivious man would not suspect, there are actually a number of bag types for women, dedicated to a certain activity or lifestyle. If you are looking to purchase handbags online for your better half, it is important that you first know your options, so you don't box yourself in an idea that may not be as relevant as you thought.

One of the most common bag silhouettes adapted by brands from Louis Vuitton to Victoria's Secret is the doctor bag. It is usually in the form of a duffel bag, only smaller, with a wide mouth and a flat-bottom. Sometimes, the opening is made out of a collapsible metal frame, but recent models now incorporate zippers for closure. The term was coined from the fact that it was primarily used by physicians to carry small medical equipment during house calls. Now, it is the ideal bag for yuppies and formal women, who like to carry a lot of small gadgets and prefer them to be accessible right away.

Four Simple Dressing Principles That Any Woman Can Apply

I am a fan of simplicity. In a previous career as a high school teacher, I came across a book about four simple design principles to apply to any graphic design work. It was by a lady called Robyn, although I do not remember her last name.

It is very easy to get stuck in the trap that a simple success system only works in the area it was written for. I have discovered that Robyn's design principles work in lots of areas. Dressing is graphic design for the body. Let me show you how these four PARC design principles become modern dressing tips for business women over 40.

It does not matter which letter you start with. I will do it in reverse.

C is for Contrast

Women Need to Love Themselves MORE

    PLASTIC SURGERY: It should come as no surprise that many women tend to have low self-esteem, especially young women.  They want to get work done just to feel wanted/accepted. Now, we're not persecuting those who go under the knife.  We promote plastic surgery to an extent, and feel women should get cosmetic work done if only it makes them happy, not because someone wants them to do it.  For instance, I have a friend who got her breasts done because her boyfriend wanted her to have bigger boobs, now she's miserable with her extremely large breasts for her small frame, but she did it to make him happy.  Bad move.  This is now something she has to live with whether he stays or he goes.  You should always do what makes you happy.  If it is something you want, go for it, but don't do it for somebody else.  I cannot stress enough how the most important person in a relationship is YOU.  You should do what makes you happy and if you don't have an understanding partner then maybe it is time to reevaluate your relationship.  Many women are so naturally beautiful they don't even see it.  

How to Reintroduce Yourself to Yourself

How would you introduce yourself to someone you just met for the first time? Would you say?

"Please allow me to introduce my friend, Sally. You know, Sally is quite a fascinating woman - you see, she's always taking such good care of herself, she always makes herself a priority, always going beyond her comfort zone. She works full time, manages her home, takes care of her children and parents, eats so healthily, exercises regularly, travels to new and exciting places, attends weekly yoga classes and still manages to find time to meet up with her friends. My goodness, I have to admit, I'm a little envious of her and all that she does."

Probably not, right?

Is it be more like? "Here's my boring, overwhelmed, tired friend, Sally who never gets to do anything for herself, blah, blah, blah..."

10 Reasons to Celebrate Being Short

With so much hype about supermodels, it is time the petite women of the world stood up to be counted. If you like me are about 5 ft or 150 cms tall, here are ten reasons to celebrate being short. with a dose of tongue-in-cheek humour.

    You have an excuse for approaching good-lookingmen in the supermarket. Of course the item you want is always at the back on one of the top three shelves. When there is not even a taller woman in sight, you use your highly developed skill of climbing the supermarket shelves like a monkey.

    When minis are in fashion, the dresses are a respectable length for you. Even three-quarter length pants can become ankle-length on you. The money you save on alterations can be spent on high-heel shoes.

Diminution Of Women In World Society, Why?

It seems fair to say that most people around the world have little knowledge about human origin. There are three schools of thought which deal with the embryonic phase of human life. Namely in science, religion and history. I want to focus on our origin, and social development of female and male over time. To get a glimpse also of coexistence between women and men and the cause of male dominance over women.

There is some silence on the issues which put women and men apart, on some turf. Historical record of origin, gives us no doubt that women and men were created equal. The bible tells a bizarre story of origin, how God amass some dust of the ground and using it to create woman and man. God sets them to work for him in a place called the Garden of Eden. He gave them an order to be fruitful and multiply, and so far the both of them seem on par. Then something funny happens down the line, when an intruder called "serpent" walked into their residence. 

The Art of Compliments - Giving Effectively and Receiving Graciously

There you are in any situation and someone pays you a compliment. They say you look well or gorgeous or that the meal you cooked was lovely. You blush. Then comes the put-down. It is from you not from the one complimenting you. We women are often our own worst enemy.

I have seen this happen so often. Why do we do it?

There are many reasons why women can be afraid of compliments. The simplest one is that we have not been taught how to give effective compliments nor how to receive them graciously.

Good manners never go out of fashion and a sincere compliment is a special gift to be treasured.

Make Peace With Your Mum

They say a picture speaks a thousand words but sometimes photos lie. They can tell the truth for one person but the other person may be hiding unresolved emotions.

In a photo of me and my mum in 2005 that is the way it was for me. I had unresolved anger.

My 90 year old mum has since passed away. This is my legacy from her and a plea to you.

Just after the photo was taken in 2005, a friend and his sister visited me. I was overwhelmed by the anger she felt that her long-deceased mum had never appreciated her and her talents. It was still consuming her. On that day I thought that I did not want to be angry at my mum after she dies. This started a journey of which I will share a little with you.

Are You Typecast or The Real You?

Acting is a funny profession. Do your job really well and people start to believe that the character is the real you. People get attached to characters they see often, especially in a TV series.

Some time ago my husband and I went to see a George Clooney movie in the town of Burlington in the USA. The three ladies behind us were excited and could not stop talking about all the George Clooney movies they had seen. Suddenly their mood changed. As soon as they discovered that in this movie George was playing against type as a totally unlovable character, they walked out.

Some actors play a character so well that they become typecast. They never get a chance to keep developing.

So who are you?