Four Simple Dressing Principles That Any Woman Can Apply

I am a fan of simplicity. In a previous career as a high school teacher, I came across a book about four simple design principles to apply to any graphic design work. It was by a lady called Robyn, although I do not remember her last name.

It is very easy to get stuck in the trap that a simple success system only works in the area it was written for. I have discovered that Robyn's design principles work in lots of areas. Dressing is graphic design for the body. Let me show you how these four PARC design principles become modern dressing tips for business women over 40.

It does not matter which letter you start with. I will do it in reverse.

C is for Contrast

Contrast is pleasing to our eyes. It makes you stand out in a good way as it helps people remember you. You can express Contrast by wearing two different colours ie a dark colour and a lighter brighter colour. Contrast can be a flat surface on your skirt or pants with a textured top or the reverse. It can also be a slim-fitting skirt or pants with a gathered, flowing or billowing top. Lastly, it can be black clothes worn with contrasting coloured shoes, necklace, scarf, belt or brooch.

R is for Repetition

Repetition brings everything together. It is the secret to being a whole rather than two or three different, unrelated parts. Repetition is the way to have ageless style. Create repetition by picking one or both of your contrasting colours and repeating it or them in your accessory of choice. Another way to express it is by repeating your personality style eg a feminine dress with a feminine accessory. Lastly, to an all-black outfit, add black and white shoes, belt, scarf, necklace or brooch.

A is for Alignment

When you think Alignment, think vertical or diagonal. Only the skinniest of women can get away with wearing clothes that widen them horizontally. A bit of padding or a push-up bra is okay as you are expanding forward not sideways. Diagonal crossovers, tapered pants and long line scarves or necklaces all create a sleeker vertical alignment.

P is for Proximity

Proximity is about accentuating your positives and downplaying your negatives. Your goal is to draw other people's attention upward to your face or towards your best body feature. Interesting necklines or accessories draw attention to your face and that is what people concentrate on when talking to you. Slim skirts show off good legs or a belt emphasises or creates a slim waist. All of these attract people to you when they see you from a distance.

Do this simple check as you are getting dressed - Am I wearing some contrast? Have I repeated a colour or my personality style? Do I look as lean as possible? Am I wearing something special near my face or my best body feature?

You can remember the four principles using the ladylike PARC or you can write it in reverse and it is easier to remember and will stay with you for much longer.

Article Source: Margaret A Sims

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