The Woman's Cave

If men can have a "man cave" then by all means, women should be able to have a "woman cave". It would be a great place where all women can have all of their favorite things. She can have a nice book shelf that holds all of her favorite books. She can also place all of her favorite scented candles in her woman cave or her favorite melting pot to heat all of the scented tarts that will make her women cave smell so much better than any man cave.

She can even have her favorite personalized signs hanging on the wall. She can hang wooden signs that express all of the things a woman needs to express, such as not to bother her right now, she's in the middle of a great romance novel. She might also like to have a sign that says not to bother her she is stressed out and just want to be left alone.

There are many wooden signs that will help any woman turn even the smallest area into a great woman cave. She can hang them on the walls so that all of the other women who are fortunate enough to be welcomed inside can admire them. They will go great with the doilies that she has adorning her table.

Another great item for the woman cave would be a single cup coffee maker; it would give her great use. She can select her flavor of coffee without having to go the family kitchen and risk running into one of the kids who might need something from her or her husband who can never find what he is looking for. A wood sign over the coffee maker ordering everyone to keep their hands off of it would be perfect.

A nice little table that is set up with all of the items that she needs to do her nails would be a great addition to any woman cave. She can have all of her nail polishes, emery boards and manicuring tools right there and ready to use. A personalized wooden sign that lets everyone know that this manicure station is strictly for her and her guest to use only would be the perfect embellishment to hang on the wall over her manicure table.

A woman should be able to have all of the things that she loves in her man cave. It's a great place to insure that when she sets something down, it will still be there when she comes back for it the next time. Wow, just the thought of being able to set something down and it staying where you left it is a good enough reason itself for a woman having her own woman cave.

When you are ready to establish your woman cave, make sure that you choose plenty of personalized signs or wooden signs that let everyone know without a doubt that this woman cave belongs to you and no one else, you might even want them to know that they are not even allowed to visit.

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Article Source: Michael P Mcdermott

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