Tips on Bridal Headdresses to Suit Long Hair - The French Pleat

I have long hair and know how difficult it can be to actually have a 'style' sometimes. So, on your wedding day you have visions of gorgeous long flowing locks, but then another vision of a stunning pleat all wrapped up with a few ringlets to accentuate the face. Then yet another vision of masses or curls and a half up and half down design and a 60s style flower circlet and the list goes on. The reason the lists goes on girls is because let's face it, with long hair we can pretty much choose whichever bridal hair style we desire! It is well worth sitting down with your hair stylist and going through some of the books. Of course, it is likely that you may already have your dress and may have already tried on your perfect headdress so make sure you take your headdress or tiara to your hair stylist so she can best advise you on which hair styles will work with your chosen headdress because not all work as smoothly as we would hope!

Classical French Pleat

This is an age old favourite and has been updated over the years with various twists and turns but this style is perfect for a hair comb or hair pins. If you get a good quality bridal headdress or bridal tiara, you will notice that there are small wire holes around the comb, these are so your hair stylist can firmly secure your bridal hair comb into your style to hopefully minimise the risk of your style falling too much throughout your big day! The beauty with hair pins is these are a lot lighter and generally easier to position. Again, if the pins have a Marcasite feature on them or a fresh water coin pearl that can make the bridal hair pin a bit more heavier weight, the good quality hair pins will also have a separate loop in them to secure another hair grip alongside the bridal hair pin to further secure their position within your hair style. There some gorgeous bridal hair pins available at the moment and it is well worth shopping around to find a company that can tailor these to complement your dress, hair colour, bridal colour theme and even your bridal bouquet. With the use of Swarvoski crystals, hand dyed lace, fresh water pearls and pure silk, you can end up with a stunning and extremely cost effective bridal headdress set that is perfect.

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Article Source: Rachael Hand

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