The Woman's Cave

If men can have a "man cave" then by all means, women should be able to have a "woman cave". It would be a great place where all women can have all of their favorite things. She can have a nice book shelf that holds all of her favorite books. She can also place all of her favorite scented candles in her woman cave or her favorite melting pot to heat all of the scented tarts that will make her women cave smell so much better than any man cave.

She can even have her favorite personalized signs hanging on the wall. She can hang wooden signs that express all of the things a woman needs to express, such as not to bother her right now, she's in the middle of a great romance novel. She might also like to have a sign that says not to bother her she is stressed out and just want to be left alone.

Three of the Best-Dressed Women of the World

The International Best Dressed List is considered as the highest honor for all those who are into men's and women's fashion. This citation was founded by American fashion public relations great Eleanor Lambert in 1940. Since then, male and female style icons from various cultures and professions have been inducted into the list. They have all displayed impeccable elegance in not just their outfits, but in their overall appeal every time they appear in public.

Some of the women in this list contributed distinctive styles that have become classics. Among these inductees are Jackie Kennedy-Onassis, Josie Natori, and Audrey Hepburn.

Jackie Kennedy-Onassis, now often called in the media as Jackie O, became an instant fashion symbol as soon as her late husband, John F. Kennedy, became president of the United States of America. 

I'm No Size Zero

Every day I walk into the bathroom I see girls checking their hair, doing their makeup, and sometimes even complaining about how they look. Girls are very critical when it comes to appearance and feel that they need to be skinny have perfect hair, spotless skin, and a great wardrobe. Everything needs to be perfect. Why should this matter? It really shouldn't but society has made such a big deal about beauty, being skinny, having clear skin, perfect teeth and so on. We are constantly looking in the mirror making sure everything looks perfect. Today, girls are so self-conscious about what people think or say about them, and it's becoming so bad it often causes self harm and self-hatred. Self-image is the talk of the town and everyone is worried about it.

Self esteem and body image issues are very apparent in high schools and elementary schools everywhere. Approximately seven million girls and woman struggle with eating disorders. 

A Stranger Within You!

It was during one of my antenatal visits to my doctor, that I realized that the constant nudges, kicks and the overwhelming presence of a living being I kept feeling, actually belonged to a stranger. A nameless, faceless stranger who is dearer to me than any other thing in this whole, big world. I'm surrounded with people all around, but only I am aware of its presence!

As a romantic and sensitive girl, I am used to loving people and things that have appealed to my sensory perceptions and creative and intelligent aspect. And even after questioning myself repeatedly over and over again, I couldn't explain my overwhelming love, and unquestionable feeling and passion for something that is as abstract to me as far as the meaning of the word goes!

May be that's what being a mother means! Each one of us must at some point of time, have heard from our mothers, "you will understand this, when you will be a mother yourself."

Jewellery and Tattoos

You'd be surprised to know that a lot of the tattoos people wear have jewellery that could go incredibly well with them. Over the years tattooing on females has become more and more popular with more and alternative options in piercing, cloths and hairstyles it was only natural that woman would want to stand apart in their tattoos and jewellery too. Jewellery is typically stereotyped towards a more classical look, but in the recent years it has been noticed that young woman are attracted to other themed styles too.

Piercings and jewellery are starting to blend together more and more as new trends come and go, girls can be seen with a multitude of eye catching piercings on there ears, nose, tongue, lips bellybuttons and even cheeks. This has opened up a whole range of unique ways jewellery can be attached to the body.

With all these altered looks being shown off how are females choosing to wear their bracelets, rings and necklaces? 

Recent Study Indicates Women's Fertility Declines At 27

Balancing a professional and personal life is a difficult task for any woman and a recent study that indicates fertility is decreasing at a younger age than previously thought is not making that task any easier.

Previous studies suggested that a woman's ability to conceive did not start to decline until her 30's, but a new study indicates that the decline actually begins at 27-years-old. The study even indicates that there could be up to a 50% decrease in fertility by the time a woman turns 30 years of age.

Many women, who previously didn't think they would even consider starting a family before the age of 30, have been rethinking their plans for the future.

How Do Women Avoid Breaking Down In Front Of Others?

You've all done it at some point in your life. Perhaps it was that comment made by a superior at work, or at the board meeting; or perhaps it was just your being too tired or ragged to have control over holding back those tears. It was your worst moment in your life, including your cracking voice; and the more you tried to stop, the worst it got.

As a woman you are an emotional breed that embodies the extremes of caring and crying at any time of the day. However, at work you try to be professional and to not only fit in with the executive males; but also, impress your clients or customers. You are the one that wants to make change, break the glass ceiling, and achieve the respect of your business partners. Indeed, as a bright woman, you absolutely know how to increase profits and streamline systems.

Live Like a Fashionista

As a woman of style like you; your home is a huge part in being a fashionista. If you are like me, your apartment is extremely small. Take good care of your apartment, paint when it needs to be done, clean up after yourself, all apartments are not the same. Set up a simple routine that you follow everyday; if you have to vacuum everyday to keep your carpets looking clean then that is what you need to do, dust, make sure to clear away the clutter that builds up on a day to day basis. Pick up your child's toys and put them away. Treat your home as if it were a living model home; make your bed everyday, clean your bathroom everyday, a simple wipe down and wipe down your mirror and organize your toiletries, hang your towels as if you were in a plush hotel suite. Do the dishes, and to top it off, cook for you and your family.

Don't know how to cook? There are about a thousands books on cooking, pick one that your interested in and follow it. 

The Fashionista's Checklist for Spring

I just did a little research on what was Hot for spring and summer, I didn't find some things I thought I would like wedges and any kind of sunglasses Michael Kors whole collection was snubbed -*insert evil laugh here* I am sorry but fashionistas don't go hunting or wear clothes that make us look like we do. But here is the list, are you ready? The fashionista Check list:

• Mint green as a skirt or a shirt a bag, this color is it for spring and summer among other pastels I have seen floating around the fashion mags

• Orange is another color that is ruling the runways and shops this season and is so popular it seems like the new black.

Tips on Bridal Headdresses to Suit Long Hair - The French Pleat

I have long hair and know how difficult it can be to actually have a 'style' sometimes. So, on your wedding day you have visions of gorgeous long flowing locks, but then another vision of a stunning pleat all wrapped up with a few ringlets to accentuate the face. Then yet another vision of masses or curls and a half up and half down design and a 60s style flower circlet and the list goes on. The reason the lists goes on girls is because let's face it, with long hair we can pretty much choose whichever bridal hair style we desire! It is well worth sitting down with your hair stylist and going through some of the books. Of course, it is likely that you may already have your dress and may have already tried on your perfect headdress so make sure you take your headdress or tiara to your hair stylist so she can best advise you on which hair styles will work with your chosen headdress because not all work as smoothly as we would hope!

Classical French Pleat

Breastfeeding With Large Boobs

Is it a myth or fact that it is harder to breast feed when you have bigger boobs? Personally I feel it is a myth, the main thing is to make sure your baby is positioned correctly which allows them to feed and is also suitable way for you. I think having bigger boobs just means you have to use a different technique to a woman with smaller boobs. I fall into the DD+ category, I have just finished breastfeeding with my one year old girl.

Initially I encouraged my baby to latch onto me herself; this was fine to start with. However I found once my milk started to come in that it would take me ages to feed my baby as she would mess about with my nipples and fling her arms around everywhere making it virtually impossible to feed her. Fortunately I had a very good midwife come to visit me so I mentioned the problem I was having. 

Matching Bags With Lifestyle: What To Buy Your Loved One

Bags are to women as furs are to dogs. Although they may not be required to maintain existence, they are necessities in their own right as they make life more convenient. But as an oblivious man would not suspect, there are actually a number of bag types for women, dedicated to a certain activity or lifestyle. If you are looking to purchase handbags online for your better half, it is important that you first know your options, so you don't box yourself in an idea that may not be as relevant as you thought.

One of the most common bag silhouettes adapted by brands from Louis Vuitton to Victoria's Secret is the doctor bag. It is usually in the form of a duffel bag, only smaller, with a wide mouth and a flat-bottom. Sometimes, the opening is made out of a collapsible metal frame, but recent models now incorporate zippers for closure. The term was coined from the fact that it was primarily used by physicians to carry small medical equipment during house calls. Now, it is the ideal bag for yuppies and formal women, who like to carry a lot of small gadgets and prefer them to be accessible right away.

Four Simple Dressing Principles That Any Woman Can Apply

I am a fan of simplicity. In a previous career as a high school teacher, I came across a book about four simple design principles to apply to any graphic design work. It was by a lady called Robyn, although I do not remember her last name.

It is very easy to get stuck in the trap that a simple success system only works in the area it was written for. I have discovered that Robyn's design principles work in lots of areas. Dressing is graphic design for the body. Let me show you how these four PARC design principles become modern dressing tips for business women over 40.

It does not matter which letter you start with. I will do it in reverse.

C is for Contrast

Women Need to Love Themselves MORE

    PLASTIC SURGERY: It should come as no surprise that many women tend to have low self-esteem, especially young women.  They want to get work done just to feel wanted/accepted. Now, we're not persecuting those who go under the knife.  We promote plastic surgery to an extent, and feel women should get cosmetic work done if only it makes them happy, not because someone wants them to do it.  For instance, I have a friend who got her breasts done because her boyfriend wanted her to have bigger boobs, now she's miserable with her extremely large breasts for her small frame, but she did it to make him happy.  Bad move.  This is now something she has to live with whether he stays or he goes.  You should always do what makes you happy.  If it is something you want, go for it, but don't do it for somebody else.  I cannot stress enough how the most important person in a relationship is YOU.  You should do what makes you happy and if you don't have an understanding partner then maybe it is time to reevaluate your relationship.  Many women are so naturally beautiful they don't even see it.  

How to Reintroduce Yourself to Yourself

How would you introduce yourself to someone you just met for the first time? Would you say?

"Please allow me to introduce my friend, Sally. You know, Sally is quite a fascinating woman - you see, she's always taking such good care of herself, she always makes herself a priority, always going beyond her comfort zone. She works full time, manages her home, takes care of her children and parents, eats so healthily, exercises regularly, travels to new and exciting places, attends weekly yoga classes and still manages to find time to meet up with her friends. My goodness, I have to admit, I'm a little envious of her and all that she does."

Probably not, right?

Is it be more like? "Here's my boring, overwhelmed, tired friend, Sally who never gets to do anything for herself, blah, blah, blah..."

10 Reasons to Celebrate Being Short

With so much hype about supermodels, it is time the petite women of the world stood up to be counted. If you like me are about 5 ft or 150 cms tall, here are ten reasons to celebrate being short. with a dose of tongue-in-cheek humour.

    You have an excuse for approaching good-lookingmen in the supermarket. Of course the item you want is always at the back on one of the top three shelves. When there is not even a taller woman in sight, you use your highly developed skill of climbing the supermarket shelves like a monkey.

    When minis are in fashion, the dresses are a respectable length for you. Even three-quarter length pants can become ankle-length on you. The money you save on alterations can be spent on high-heel shoes.

Diminution Of Women In World Society, Why?

It seems fair to say that most people around the world have little knowledge about human origin. There are three schools of thought which deal with the embryonic phase of human life. Namely in science, religion and history. I want to focus on our origin, and social development of female and male over time. To get a glimpse also of coexistence between women and men and the cause of male dominance over women.

There is some silence on the issues which put women and men apart, on some turf. Historical record of origin, gives us no doubt that women and men were created equal. The bible tells a bizarre story of origin, how God amass some dust of the ground and using it to create woman and man. God sets them to work for him in a place called the Garden of Eden. He gave them an order to be fruitful and multiply, and so far the both of them seem on par. Then something funny happens down the line, when an intruder called "serpent" walked into their residence. 

The Art of Compliments - Giving Effectively and Receiving Graciously

There you are in any situation and someone pays you a compliment. They say you look well or gorgeous or that the meal you cooked was lovely. You blush. Then comes the put-down. It is from you not from the one complimenting you. We women are often our own worst enemy.

I have seen this happen so often. Why do we do it?

There are many reasons why women can be afraid of compliments. The simplest one is that we have not been taught how to give effective compliments nor how to receive them graciously.

Good manners never go out of fashion and a sincere compliment is a special gift to be treasured.

Make Peace With Your Mum

They say a picture speaks a thousand words but sometimes photos lie. They can tell the truth for one person but the other person may be hiding unresolved emotions.

In a photo of me and my mum in 2005 that is the way it was for me. I had unresolved anger.

My 90 year old mum has since passed away. This is my legacy from her and a plea to you.

Just after the photo was taken in 2005, a friend and his sister visited me. I was overwhelmed by the anger she felt that her long-deceased mum had never appreciated her and her talents. It was still consuming her. On that day I thought that I did not want to be angry at my mum after she dies. This started a journey of which I will share a little with you.

Are You Typecast or The Real You?

Acting is a funny profession. Do your job really well and people start to believe that the character is the real you. People get attached to characters they see often, especially in a TV series.

Some time ago my husband and I went to see a George Clooney movie in the town of Burlington in the USA. The three ladies behind us were excited and could not stop talking about all the George Clooney movies they had seen. Suddenly their mood changed. As soon as they discovered that in this movie George was playing against type as a totally unlovable character, they walked out.

Some actors play a character so well that they become typecast. They never get a chance to keep developing.

So who are you?

How to Use Orange, Purple and Green to Strengthen Your Words, Actions and Natural Colouring

The world would be a boring place without colour. Most of us are visual and we instantly judge people and places through the colours we see on. Our language is full of colour words which we use to vividly describe our feelings on everything that is happening in our lives.

Colour can invoke feelings of happiness like the colours of a festival; prejudice like the different skin colour of someone we meet or daydreaming like the colours of a favourite holiday place.

Green, orange and purple are called secondary colours. They are the colours made up from two primary colours either side of them. Red and yellow create orange, red and blue create purple and blue and yellow create green.

Every colour has both positive and negative emotions and perceptions attached to it.

How to Use the Colours of Black, White and Grey to Add Interest and Diversity of Your Life

Most of us would hate to live in a world that is only black and white and shades of grey. We need colours that are pure, strong, rich, muted, soft, cool and warm to give our lives the richness and diversity we enjoy. Withnut black, white and grey, all the colour variations we enjoy would not be possible.

Black and white are usually considered to be non-colours although black is the absence of colour and white is made up of all the colours. Grey, of course, is the mixing of black with white.

Every colour has both positive and negative emotions and perceptions attached to it and black, white and grey are no exception.

Here is my short guide to help you use the western world's view of black, white and grey to add richness and diversity to your life.

How to Use Red, Yellow and Blue to Boost Your Emotions, Your Business and Your Natural Beauty

Colour is all around us. It would be very boring if we lived only in a black and white world. Colour adds interest, excitement, relaxation and individuality to our lives.

It is a visual language that we all respond to. Not everyone has learnt to tap into the unspoken emotional power of colour. When you travel or look at images from other parts of the world, it is interesting to let go of your learned responses and notice how other cultures and environments interpret the meaning of the same colours.

Red, yellow and blue are the basis from which all the colours are created. They are called the primary colours. On a colour wheel which usually contains twelve colours, the primary colours are evenly spaced - four apart.

The Secret Lives of Your Clothes

With tears streaming down my face, a bundle under my arm and a box of matches in my pocket, I headed towards our backyard incinerator hoping mum would not see me. I did not want to be asked what I was doing.

Clothes are more than pieces of fabric hanging in our wardrobes. They all have stories. Stand before your open wardrobe and you could tell each item's story whether it be love, hate, embarrassment, shame or indifference.

Recently I read an article on How Clothes Can Boost Your Mood. This article talked about the things we women demand from out clothes. It also resonated with me as I have written about how hard it is to get rid of some clothes that bring up strong emotions in us.

The Fear of Becoming an Invisible Woman Once You Turn 40

Is invisibility the only choice for women over 40?

In a recent article in my weekend paper about women over 40, one particular participant was bemoaning the fact that she was now invisible to younger men. She was sharing one of the greatest fears of baby-boomer women. It is the fear of losing your attraction to others. Whether it is your size or what you are wearing, many women feel unnoticed and bypassed both in their professional and personal life.

Here are two questions for you to consider? Who are you dressing for? What do you want to do with the rest of your life?

Read on for my views on whether invisibility is the only option for business and professional women over 40.

Is Invisibility the Only Choice? Yes!

Don't Let Summer Sabotage Your Style

Summer is almost here and the warm weather probably has you peeling off your layers and pulling on your shorts. Yet as the temperatures rise and you begin to break a sweat while simply sitting on the porch, don't let your style suffer.

In many areas, warm weather can be synonymous with casual clothing. Just think about it - head to the beach and chances are your mode of dress barely consists of more than a tank top and shorts or a simple dress teamed with a pair of flip flops or thongs. Or if you're at home you may be wearing the exact same thing and wishing you were at the beach. It's summertime and the living' is easy. Yet don't let the more casual of seasons sabotage your style or your credibility. With a few tips you can tweak your chic while keeping your cool.

1. Business Casual does NOT mean Casual - There is a fine line between business casual and casual dress, and often times it can be confusing to know what's appropriate. 

Prenatal Fitness Programmes Keep Mums in Shape

You've just found out that you are going to have a baby. Yippee! "I will take more care of myself, stop smoking, stop drinking, eat for two and lie around all day looking after me". Stop right there! Certainly, stop smoking forever, stop drinking and eat really healthily, including lots of protein, fruit and vegetables but you actually need to up your exercise regime if you want a healthy baby and if you want to be fit and well through the pregnancy and if you want your figure back after the birth.

Keeping fit during pregnancy will help your body through this time and will prepare you for childbirth. It will also help tremendously in your recovery after childbirth. By doing simple fitness exercises, strengthening exercises and components of pilates and yoga, you will stay fit and healthy through the entire nine months and you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you bounce back after the birth of your baby.

Getting The Gemstone You Would Like To Wear

When you think about the ancient Egyptians, you will realize how much these folks adored gemstones and jewelry, and that is only one example from history. You need to be careful about purchasing synthetic or genuine gemstones, and the artificial ones can be extremely difficult to tell apart from genuine gems. To help you find the gemstone that suits you best, I will be covering several helpful insights and pointers.

There is no need to speak about the pure beauty and significance of diamonds, as these are the world's best recognized and loved gemstones of all. They're also well-known as being the hardest natural substance in the world. What is unknown for many people is the fact that a lot of diamonds aren't technically the highest possible top quality available. If you would like something different from a typical diamond, then consider a colored diamond. More rare and pricier types would be green, pink, yellow and blue diamonds. The level of quality, purity, reflectivity, as well as coloration and dimensions will all play a role as deciding factors of the value and price of a diamond.

5 Simple School Fundraising Ideas

School spirit is more vivid with fundraising. To support a particular group, occasion, or campaign, schools and other non-profit organizations use successful fundraising events to keep the finances flowing.

Most of school fundraising helps varsity teams' subsidize uniforms and equipment. Provide better health care services for students as well as construction of important facilities of the school. The fund used in these improvements usually comes from parents and alumni funds.

Here are five simple tips that can make your school fundraising extra lucrative.

Art pieces

Hairstyles for 2012 for a Fashion Forward Lady

Glistening hair

Glistening hair, the most coveted one, doesn't just happen, no matter what your hair length or texture, you've to work for it! Do not expect it to happen overnight, you have to religiously follow certain steps to grow that beautiful and healthy glistening hair. The good part is that it is not hard it just requires discipline and patience.

You can use hair serum with light concentration of oils and silicone and apply it to the roots of the hair everyday. Leave it in your hair overnight for better results. To keep every strand of hair shinny and strong, go with hot hair oils. Cold rinse adds loads of luster to your hair. For that ultra shine go with professional hair treatments.

Bold colors