Matching Bags With Lifestyle: What To Buy Your Loved One

Bags are to women as furs are to dogs. Although they may not be required to maintain existence, they are necessities in their own right as they make life more convenient. But as an oblivious man would not suspect, there are actually a number of bag types for women, dedicated to a certain activity or lifestyle. If you are looking to purchase handbags online for your better half, it is important that you first know your options, so you don't box yourself in an idea that may not be as relevant as you thought.

One of the most common bag silhouettes adapted by brands from Louis Vuitton to Victoria's Secret is the doctor bag. It is usually in the form of a duffel bag, only smaller, with a wide mouth and a flat-bottom. Sometimes, the opening is made out of a collapsible metal frame, but recent models now incorporate zippers for closure. The term was coined from the fact that it was primarily used by physicians to carry small medical equipment during house calls. Now, it is the ideal bag for yuppies and formal women, who like to carry a lot of small gadgets and prefer them to be accessible right away.

Next, there's the hobo bag, which is typically made of a soft, pliable material that is formed in the shape of a half moon, and accented with medium length shoulder straps. Frequently, they have intricate and lively patterns and designs, with zip of button closures. Its name is a play on the bag's fashion origin, which is bohemian or "boho". Today, it is the ideal luggage for casual women going on lunches, who are into wearing bohemian type clothing, such as kurtas, flowy skirts and amorphous pants.

Third, there's the clutch bag, which is about 5 to 8 inches long and usually strapless. It is called such because of the fact that it is meant to be held and not worn on the shoulders or hung from the arms. Typically, these bags are structured and decorated with crystals, accents or prints. They are strictly for formal wear and do not provide enough room for a lot of possessions.

And then, there's the handbag and the shoulder bag. Both are similar in the sense that they have rectangular structures, soft features and come as either small, medium or large. The only difference is that their straps don't measure any longer than 5 inches and 10 inches respectively. Handbags online and in stores are meant to be carried rather than slung like the shoulder bag. But both of them are very chic, and they mutually go well with semi-formal and formal occasions and outfits.

Lastly, there's the athletic or duffel bag, which are large and long. They can be made of either leather or canvas, but they are commonly fixed with both hands and body straps. They all have characteristically huge openings and roomy structures too, as they are meant to accommodate big things like sporting equipment and gym apparel. They are ideal to give to women who are into sports, and they can ably double as a weekend or vacation bag, if needed.

Article Source: Cedric P Loiselle

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