10 Reasons to Celebrate Being Short

With so much hype about supermodels, it is time the petite women of the world stood up to be counted. If you like me are about 5 ft or 150 cms tall, here are ten reasons to celebrate being short. with a dose of tongue-in-cheek humour.

    You have an excuse for approaching good-lookingmen in the supermarket. Of course the item you want is always at the back on one of the top three shelves. When there is not even a taller woman in sight, you use your highly developed skill of climbing the supermarket shelves like a monkey.

    When minis are in fashion, the dresses are a respectable length for you. Even three-quarter length pants can become ankle-length on you. The money you save on alterations can be spent on high-heel shoes.

    You can take more clothes on holidays as your clothes take up less space. You can also pack in more shoes for your tiny feet. Suddenly there is space left over for all the new clothes you intend to buy.

    If desperate, you can shop in the kid's department. Well, that works up to the age of 30. After that, forget it. Who wants to look like an aging Miley Cyrus?

    You never have to worry about soothing the ego of a shorter partneras 99.9% of them will be taller than you. Then you can wear high heels to your heart's content.

    You never have to duck under low branches or low obstacles. This one really does hurt if you get it wrong.

    You can have fun frightening the life out of people who think the car coming down the street is driverless. This works best when you drive a big car rather than a small to medium-sized car.

    If no one else loves you, little children do. You are just the right height to play with them.

    You will keep you children happy (especially your sons) as it will only be a few years before they are taller than you. Actually most children over 10 are taller than you.

    You always get to be in the front row of photos. This may be a two-edged sword because all of you is on display, especially on the day you choose to wear that short skirt. Sometimes you may want to hide in the middle row where only your face is visible.

There are many more benefits to being short. So stand tall, walk confidently and smile knowing what fun the rest of the world is missing out on.

Article Source: Margaret A Sims

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