Diminution Of Women In World Society, Why?

It seems fair to say that most people around the world have little knowledge about human origin. There are three schools of thought which deal with the embryonic phase of human life. Namely in science, religion and history. I want to focus on our origin, and social development of female and male over time. To get a glimpse also of coexistence between women and men and the cause of male dominance over women.

There is some silence on the issues which put women and men apart, on some turf. Historical record of origin, gives us no doubt that women and men were created equal. The bible tells a bizarre story of origin, how God amass some dust of the ground and using it to create woman and man. God sets them to work for him in a place called the Garden of Eden. He gave them an order to be fruitful and multiply, and so far the both of them seem on par. Then something funny happens down the line, when an intruder called "serpent" walked into their residence. 

The woman was beguiled by the serpent and was given some knowledge. But God called it unforgivable transgression and punished them all. God cursed all three of them who were involved. But in the treatment of the woman name Eve, God was unrelenting in his punishment of her. Adam her husband, was punished far less severe than his was. Then God, in his intolerance of what they did, evicted both of them from his residence to live in the woods.

Major ancient civilizations such as Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian and Sumerian, give us the version of human origin. It shows a unified understanding of equality with woman and men on every level. The science of our day, has said nothing to oppose ancient account of human origin. However, it differs with biblical metaphysical presentation on the subject of equality. The background perspective gives us thousands of years when humanoid yielded little intellectual progression. But change came about when aliens from an outer planet came to residents on earth, and a scientist from among them, decided to create substitute workers. A male scientist instructs his associate, his sister to "Mix to a core the clay, from the Basement of the Earth, at a location in Africa. Shape it into the form of a core the scientist said. I shall provide good, knowing young Lord, who will bring the clay to its' right condition." Hence humanoid DNA was bind upon by alien life, thus creating intelligent human beings.

What happened to the cohesive and equal system of women and men cohabitation, since the time of their equivalent creation? One irresistible influence which connects female and male as we know it, is sex. Whether they respect and love each other or not, they must make time and seek place for sexual pleasure. Clearly there are flaws in the human brain, and there will always be problems with their attitudes. It becomes apparent, that men in general who must get sexual relief primarily from women, have sought out ways to get sex from them, using some kind of unsavory strategies. Aimed at devaluing women's role and worth in society.

However in the eyes of history, male chauvinism became prominent when religion began to spread and established the acceptance of female relegation. Ironically, the trick caught on, it got acceptance among women and men. Notwithstanding in B.C. era, in people multiplication and prominence, women were equal counterpart to men. They were Queens, Empresses and Princesses etc., and in every way women were known to be noble, not lower than men. It appears that vagina carries much more influence than what men possess in manhood, which could be the reason motivating males to seek a medium of psychological advantage over women.

Never had women been more defamed and deprived in the world of equality, than since the time when Rome inaugurated the A.D. Christian bible, and evangelizing a God who first belittled the woman's character in the Garden of Eden. While savoring the man who was negligent of his incumbent responsibilities.

It appears that God planted the seed of superiority in the mind of the man, who was chief in command and breached his duty, then got off with a lighter punishment.

Article Source: Timothy Aldred

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