Women Need to Love Themselves MORE

    PLASTIC SURGERY: It should come as no surprise that many women tend to have low self-esteem, especially young women.  They want to get work done just to feel wanted/accepted. Now, we're not persecuting those who go under the knife.  We promote plastic surgery to an extent, and feel women should get cosmetic work done if only it makes them happy, not because someone wants them to do it.  For instance, I have a friend who got her breasts done because her boyfriend wanted her to have bigger boobs, now she's miserable with her extremely large breasts for her small frame, but she did it to make him happy.  Bad move.  This is now something she has to live with whether he stays or he goes.  You should always do what makes you happy.  If it is something you want, go for it, but don't do it for somebody else.  I cannot stress enough how the most important person in a relationship is YOU.  You should do what makes you happy and if you don't have an understanding partner then maybe it is time to reevaluate your relationship.  Many women are so naturally beautiful they don't even see it.  

If you want to go for change, all you may need is something as simple as a new haircut, hair color, wardrobe or a bit of makeup for a shocking transformation.  No need to call a local plastic surgeon.  Celebrities and models are what many women idolize, and this is another reason why women get surgery done not realizing many celebs are highly Photoshopped and far from perfect.  I even dare say that many of you are probably even more beautiful than many stars on TV.

    DATING LOSERS: If you've ever dated a player, hold your hands up high I'm raising both of mine.  Life is a learning lesson, and we should make these lessons as fun and painless as possible.  It's great to have a good time and enjoy yourself.  What's not great is staying with a player who treats you like a game.  Games are for little boys.  And every woman deserves a real person who is mature enough to value a woman's worth.  That's where us women go wrong.  The player needs someone to play with.  If you drop out of the game, he is going to have to play solo or look for a bimbo who will put up with it.  You are not that bimbo.  If a man/woman can't treat you as the gem you truly are, you don't need that person in your life. Most of the time players are just insecure individuals who need to play with other people to boost their low self-esteem.  Don't be a pawn or allow yourself to be used to alter someone's ego.  If you're looking to have a great time, then by all means, have FUN.  But if you're not, value yourself, know what you want, be aware of what you deserve and keep on moving.  Women have so much to offer, the world is filled with many wonderful and beautiful people. Don't settle for crumbs when you can have the whole pie, which leads us to our next topic...

    SETTLING: I see it all the time, women married 15-30  years (sometimes even less time) and they stay with a partner for all of the wrong reasons. Either because you feel comfortable with them, you are doing it for the kids, it has been so many years you don't think you can find anyone better, economic situation, etc.  There should be a law that nothing or no one should stop you from being happy.  I have an older friend who was married 25 years.  She was in a toxic relationship.  This man gave her mental, physical and verbal abuse.  She said she has taken it for so long  it became second nature to her, and at her age she was afraid to leave, or find someone else that she feared could be even worse  than her husband.  I'm no psychologist  (God knows I look at people's clothes instead of their problems), but I wasn't going to judge her way of thinking, she only could express what she knows.  However, I knew I didn't need a PhD in Psychology to let her know she needed someone better. I persuaded her, assisted her and she finally divorced this man. It has been 5 years since.  She converted into Christianity, met a great Christian man, and at 54 years old she has remarried, but now to this wonderful person who I'm sure isn't perfect, but he treats her with the respect she deserves.  She wasted 25 years of her life, she did not need to waste another 25.  She didn't have to settle, and I'm glad she didn't.  You have to take risks if you want to be safe. Moral of the story is don't be afraid to walkout of an engagement, marriage, or a relationship if it doesn't feel right to you. Forget the consequences.  Your happiness is worth everything. If you're not happy you can't make anyone else happy, including your family.  And that's unfair to them.  Your loved ones would rather see you in pure bliss alone then miserable with someone you don't want to be with.

    SELLING THEMSELVES SHORT: Live life to your own standards. Don't live up to anyone's expectations. Many women don't see what they've got to offer and they allow other people's perception of them bring them down. I know many women who allow other people to demean them, and it's usually other women who are JEALOUS of them.  Only you can make yourself feel that way.  Never feel less smarter, prepared or attractive than anyone else.  My mother always told me, "Remember, you are NOT better than anyone, but DON'T forget, no one is better than you." And I love her for that.  Every person has something beautiful to offer don't let anyone tell you different.  Many people will try to put you down, so they could elevate themselves.  Never question your abilities.  You are the most special person ever and you deserve nothing less than the best.  We've all got something wonderful to contribute, don't second guess it. When one door closes, in any angle of your life, it is because a better one will open up and trust me, what may seem to be the end of the world, will turn out  to be the beginning of a wonderful journey.

LIVE how you want, SAY what you want, DO what you want *as long as you don't hurt nobody, including yourself*!

Article Source: Lilliana Rios

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