Are You Typecast or The Real You?

Acting is a funny profession. Do your job really well and people start to believe that the character is the real you. People get attached to characters they see often, especially in a TV series.

Some time ago my husband and I went to see a George Clooney movie in the town of Burlington in the USA. The three ladies behind us were excited and could not stop talking about all the George Clooney movies they had seen. Suddenly their mood changed. As soon as they discovered that in this movie George was playing against type as a totally unlovable character, they walked out.

Some actors play a character so well that they become typecast. They never get a chance to keep developing.

So who are you?

Are you typecast as an actor dressing to play a role, perfected over many years, of who you want people to think you are? People cannot truly like you if you never show them who you really are. Play a part and others can only relate to that character.

How do you reveal you through the way you dress? Here are three habits for the modern business and professional woman over 40 to help you avoid being a typecast character.

I Will Think Twice before letting someone else talk me into buying something. Whether it is a friend, family member or sales assistant, stop before you say yes. Ask yourself these questions. Do I like this colour, pattern and style? Is this me or someone I am pretending to be? If you have to think twice or a long time about it, it is not you and that item of clothing or accessory is going to sit in your wardrobe unworn.

I Will Repair, Alter or Throw Out all those clothes and accessories that just do not feel quite right on me. Here is a Home Truth. If you really loved it, you would have fixed it by now. Okay, sometimes we all are slack. Leave it too long and your heart tells you that most of those unrepaired and unaltered items are not really who you are today. So fix them or dispose of them. Then you can go shopping for what you really want, need and love.

I Will Receive Compliments Graciously. All of us like to give but many of us find it hard to receive. Receiving is also an act of generosity. When you get a compliment on the way you look, just say thank you. Do not add a put-down of yourself or immediately give a compliment back. Both of these destroy the pleasure for the other person. You are telling them that you are not proud to be you. When you show people who you really are and they notice it, they are recognising and liking you not the actor playing the pretend you.

Who is George Clooney? I believe that he is a good actor and that is all I know for sure as I have never met him personally. I would much rather get to know the true and interesting you not the pretend character many of us think we should be.

Article Source: Margaret A Sims

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