How to Reintroduce Yourself to Yourself

How would you introduce yourself to someone you just met for the first time? Would you say?

"Please allow me to introduce my friend, Sally. You know, Sally is quite a fascinating woman - you see, she's always taking such good care of herself, she always makes herself a priority, always going beyond her comfort zone. She works full time, manages her home, takes care of her children and parents, eats so healthily, exercises regularly, travels to new and exciting places, attends weekly yoga classes and still manages to find time to meet up with her friends. My goodness, I have to admit, I'm a little envious of her and all that she does."

Probably not, right?

Is it be more like? "Here's my boring, overwhelmed, tired friend, Sally who never gets to do anything for herself, blah, blah, blah..."

Here are a few re-introductory questions you should be asking yourself, as well as some suggestions:

    Take yourself out on a hot date - where would you go? What would you like to do?

    Write down the things you enjoy -- things that matter to you.

    Observe your limiting beliefs, fears. Are they yours or someone else's that have become a part of you - maybe a parent, an employer - ok, we absolutely have to get rid of these OLD, worn-out beliefs and fears.

    Be honest with yourself - is there something about you that needs to change in order to leave healthier?

    What stops you? What starts you?

    What challenges you? What keeps you stuck?

    Observe your dreams.

    What advice would you give a friend who is stuck at a crossroads? Follow that same advice.

    Where are you spiritually? Is it time for a faith visit?

    What are your successes and how can you celebrate them?

    If you were a superhero, what are your powers? What is your name

    Can I do this alone?

    Am I having fun yet?

    How can today be different?

    Next year, I want to...

Bonus questions:

What are you fears, doubts, limitations?

You need to accept your fears - don't get rid of them, but yet face them, get to know them, thank them and then let them go?

Where is your faith (in yourself)?

How can you embrace your faith and release your fears? God only makes perfection.

Article Source: Nancy E Lundy

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